The reason why Mbappe returned the trophy and held it 'I don't advertise alcohol'

'I don't advertise alcohol.'

France's top goal scorer Kylian Mbappe (Paris Saint-Germain) is attracting attention by making the sponsor logo invisible after receiving the 'Play of the Match' (POTM) trophy in the round of 16 of the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

On the 5th (Korean time), Mbappe led a 3-1 victory with two goals and one assist in the round of 16 match against Poland held at Assumama Stadium in Doha, Qatar.

After the game, Mbappe, who was selected as POTM, cleverly turned the direction of the trophy while holding the trophy and took a commemorative photo so that the letter with the sponsor logo was not visible.

The POTM given to the best player in the game is sponsored by Budweiser, an American liquor company, one of the World Cup sponsors.

The players who received this trophy earlier held the trophy and took pictures while holding the English Budweiser letters engraved at the bottom. However, Mbappe deliberately turned the trophy backwards so that the text could not be seen.

French sports media Le Quipe said, 부산비비기 "Mbappe does not have a portrait use contract with alcohol, sports betting, or junk food companies." At the same time, he here said, “As a role model for many French children, he does not want his image to be damaged by promoting alcohol like Budweiser.”

It is known that Mbappe did the same after receiving this trophy after the group stage match against Denmark on the 27th of last month.

Budweiser, which sponsors the World Cup, is known to be suffering huge losses as alcohol sales in public places are banned during this event.

The Daily Mail, a British media outlet, reported that "as a result of the Qatari government's actions, thousands of Budweiser beer cans are piled up in warehouses."

Meanwhile, Mbappe did not appear at the official press conference even after the game that day, avoiding contact with the media.

The Daily Mail said, “It seems that Mbappe deliberately did not attend the press conference to avoid questions related to his team, Paris Saint-Germain.”

However, the fine is paid by the French Football Association, not Mbappe. The media added, "The French Football Association has decided to pay all fines imposed on players who did not attend the press conference after receiving the Man of the Match award in this World Cup."

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